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Other Courses We Offer 


CPR-BLS-First Aide 

All of our instructors work in healthcare related fields.  This does not just make us good instructors, but it allows us to practice these skills on a regular basis making us better instructors. We have the advantage of practicing the skills we teach hundreds of people a month making us Chicago’s favorite CPR company. Our ability to answer questions and demonstrate how to perform CPR accurately is what we are known for and what makes us the favorite place to learn CPR.

We offer two options for initial/re-certification CPR training:

1.) Blended On-line-The most convenient way to gain your American Heart Association Certification. Take the classroom portion online via AHA's HeartCode portal. After successfully completing the on-line portion, schedule your in-person skills check-off at our location. 

2.) Attend an in-person class (approx. 2-4 hours) where both the classroom lecture and skills check-off will be held the sameday. 

Cost: $65 (initial certification) ; $55 (renewal)

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TB Validation 

Learn to place and read TB skin tests

Cost: $55

Validation requires renewal every 2 years

Course Training Specifics

Step 1: Complete On-line portal 

The classroom portion is completed on-line via IN-Train (click the button below for instructions on how to setup your account and navigate through the portal)

Step 2:

After successfully completing the online modules and passing the exam with an 80% or better, you will receive a certificate. You will need to print or email this certificate. You must bring this certificate with you in order to do the skills check off. 

Step 3: Schedule skills check-off

Skills check-offs are offered on a weekly basis and may be scheduled by calling or texting your first & last name to 317-516-8152

***payment must be received in order to secure your spot for check-offs***

**ALL payments are non-refundable/non-transferable. If you are unable to make it to a check-off, you can re-schedule one-time without having to pay the $55 fee again. Any additional rescheduling will require additional fees. You agree to this policy when you submit your payment**

Please note that skills check-offs must be done WITHIN 30 days of receiving your on-line certificate.

Administration of subcutaneous injections must be within your scope of practice. This course does not guarantee your employer will allow you to administer TB skin test if it is not within your scope of practice.  Please check with your employer prior to taking this course. No refunds/exchanges are allowed. 

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IV start/Infusion therapy training course

This is not a certification course as the state of Indiana does not require IV certification in oder to start IV's or doing infusion therapy.

This is a one-day training course that is open to anyone but tailored towards RN's,LPN's. EMT's, nursing students, & paramedics. 

Anyone may take this course however please note that this is not a beginner course and by taking this course, it will be up to your employer as to if these skills are within your scope of practice.


Duration: 1 day (approx. 6-8 hours)

The. first part of the course will go over how to start IV's, tip & tricks for difficult IV starts, and practice/skills check-off

The second part of the class will go over various types of infusions such as:IVIG, biologicals, cardiac meds, & TPN. We also cover various types of pumps seen in the home setting, S.E/ADR's of infusions, and basic nursing care for patients receiving these meds. 

Our next class in 9/27/21 @ 9:00A

To register:

 text "IV Class sign-up" ,your first and last name to 317-516-8152

***payment (which is non-refundable) must be received to secure your spot in the class****

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Learn how tp properly setup EKG's and interpret heart rhythms

Cost: $150.00

Class length: 1-day (4-6 hours)

This course is ideal for nursing students, current nurses, medical assistants, and those who want a career in healthcare. 

This is a one day course, open to the public. This is a training course where you learn how to properly setup EKG's and holter monitors during the first part of the class. The second part of the class is spent learning heart rhythm interpretation. 

The next class will be held on: 10/11/21 10:00a-4:00p

Location: 7098 N. Shadeland Ave. Suite G

***Fee must be paid in order to reserve spot for class****

Please call or text 317-516-8152 for questions or if you'd like to sign-up for the next class.

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Other Courses (CPR-First Aide, TB validation, IV start/Infusion therapy, EKG/Telemetry: Activities
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