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QMA Insulin Administration Course

This course is for current QMA's who want to receive additional training and certification by learning how to administer insulin.  Our QMA insulin administration training course is a one-day instructional course.


Our program will follow the established ISDH curriculum and will prepare the student for the QMA Insulin Administration Exam that will be proctored by Ivy Tech.

Successful completion of the written exam will provide the student a QMA -Insulin Administration sub-type Certification; only then are they permitted to administer insulin in a facility. 

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Course Details


  • Must be an active QMA 

  • Must be able to do two-hour clinical (CLINICAL SITES ARE NOT PROVIDED)

  • We must have a signed AND ISDOH approved clinical contract BEFORE you can begin clinicals. 


  • $216.00 (limited time only) does not include testing fee

Testing Fee:


Testing location:

  • Ivy Tech 

Testing Method:

  • 25question written exam. Must pass with 22/25 or higher

Please note that you must pay in full in order to be registered for class. All payments are non-refundable/non-transferable. By making your payment, you agree to these terms. 


To schedule a class:

Select "book  QMA insulin class now"  below

click on "QMA insulin class"

Follow the prompts to book a class 

If you don't see a day and time that works for you please give us a call at 317-516-8152

How the process works from start to finish

1.) Check with your DON/ADON or facility administrator to get approval to do your 2-4 hour insulin administration clinical. (documentation must be signed by an RN. NO EXCEPTIONS)

2.) Select class date & pay for class in full. 

3.) Receive course documents that included, but NOT limited to course manual and contract for clinical site. If you did not receive the email please email:

3.) Print off course manual and clinical contract

4.) Complete the facility information on the front of the clinical contract then, give it to the facility  DON/ADON or administrator to sign the back of the contract

5.) Return the completed signed contract back to us via email at: We have to submit the contract for clinical approval to the state department of health. You can NOT begin clinical until the state department of health clears your facility and sends us approval. this process can take up to two weeks, so please return the contract ASAP.

6.) Begin reviewing the study materials received and be prepared to ask questions about topics you don't understand. I recommend watching you-tube videos on insulin administration to familiarize yourself with the content before coming to class as this will aide in your success of not only this class but the state exam as well. 

7.) Come to class on your scheduled date/time. You must be ON-TIME. There is not grace period. If you arrive late, you will be asked to reschedule for an additional fee of $50.00 or you will forfeit your entire class payment. You must bring the course manual with you to class or you will have to pay $25.00 for one to be provided to you. Course manuals are required NOT optional. 

Please note traffic is heavy is this area so leave at least 20 minutes earlier than the expected drive time. 

The next steps (8-15) will be explained more in detail during class, need to be reviewed for your understanding.

8.) In class, we will review the main  course topics, you will do two skills check-offs, and take an exam. You must get an 80% on the exam to pass the class or you will have to come back and re-take it. You get one free re-take. All exam re-takes after the first one are $50.00 per test. This is NOT the state exam. 

9.) After successfully completing the class (all parts of #8) AND receiving approval from us that your clinical site has been approved, you may do your 2-4 hour insulin administration clinical. 

10.) When you have completed steps 8 & 9 you need to review ALL of your course documents taht were provided to you in class and make sure everything is filled out in its entirety and accurately and legibly.

11.) Contact us to schedule a times to come in and get the final signature needed for you to submit your paperwork to IVY TECH COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Ivy tevh will review your documents and they will schedule your state exam test. WE DO NOT SCHEDULE STATE EXAMS NOR CAN WE CHECK THE STATUS OF YOUR APPLICATION

12.) Pay the $50.00 exam fee to ivy tech with your course documents & wait for Ivy tech to give you a test date.Once you receive a test date, you will need to notify us of your test date and the results after you take the exam

13.) If you do not pass your exam, you will need to contact us at for remediation. If you do not pass after the second attempt, you will need to pay a fee of $125.00 for remediation before. 


14.) after successfully passing your state exam you will need to check you QMA license at

to check for the insulin administrator has been added to your license BEFORE you can begin administering insulin.

15.) After all steps have been complete 1-14, you are offically done!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! 

Please note that these rules are enforced by the Indiana State Department of Health and as a licensed program we must adhere to these rules and regulations. 

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